Glow in The Dark Artist Professional Oil Paint Luminescent Phosphorescent Self-Luminous Paint,

Set of 10 x 22 ml

Red Rocket, Orange, Pink Orange, Orange Yellow, Yellow Green, Lightning Bug, Green, Blue, Blue Mermaid, Purple Blue.


Color Chart for Glow Colors.

We have rated the glow colors to help an artist decide what color to use where. The nature of the pigment allows certain colors to be brighter. These are all high quality pigments. But certain colors will glow brighter. A light source which is Purple Blue is a difficult color to see even in regular light because of it’s light frequency wave length. We have included this color because it is great for tinting the other colors and creating contrast in your paintings. It glows a beautiful blue and is the favorite of many. It is fun to experiment and create your own beautiful glow colors.


why use glow cubed oil paint

BRING YOUR PAINTINGS TO LIFE EVEN AFTER DARK. Create brilliant glow-in-the-dark highlights and focal points. When the room lights dim, your painting will glow.

TRADITIONAL FINE ART. Create new colors by mixing with your transparent oil colors, or mix with other colored glow powders. Graphic designs, modern and contemporary arts. Silhouettes, landscapes, cityscapes, sunsets, sunrise, night scenes, glowing fog, street signs and lights, automobile headlights, water reflections, candle glows and lightning strikes, we can only imagine the beautiful artwork you can create.

OUR QUALITY. The finest grade of artist’s linseed oil, glow-in-the-dark pigments and no fillers. Made by an artist, for other artists.

NO MESS, NO MIXING. Glow Cubed oil paints are ready to use in a re-sealable paint tube just like you’re used to.

FUN. Imagine the surprise in others when your painting starts to glow. Your artwork will stand out from the crowd and be enjoyed both by day and night.

GLOW TIME. Rated to glow 10 hours with a 15 year lifetime. Glow Cubed oil paints charge naturally during daylight and glow by night.